Ku'sa, The Arrow wolf

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Ku'sa, The Arrow wolf Empty Ku'sa, The Arrow wolf

Post  Guest on Sat 19 Jan 2013, 4:07 pm

Ku'sa will have a story soon. At the moment it has not started.

Ku'sa's mother licked his small red cheeks. It had been a few weeks since this pup was born. Ku'sa was the only child. In fact his name was Ku'-sox, named for his left paw being a darker color than the rest. He was born into a tribe of wolves, with a rather weak leader, who glorified himself, dressed in animal pelts of the highest quality, colorful beads, and bones. Ku'sox grew older and became a worthy hunter of the tribe. And one day on a hunt, as he was running with the other tribe members to capture a bison, they were attacked with a rain of arrows. The arrows came from an unknown location and person(s), three of the tribe wolves had been hit, including Ku'sox. They all scrambled back to their camp, and as soon as they arrived, they were banished. Injuries would only slow down the tribe, so the three wolves were on their own. They were also forbidden to return. They were also re-named, to mock their wounds, Sa was put at the ends of their names, coming from the word Mon'-sa, meaning Arrow shaft. Ku'sox was now Ku'sa, leaving his home he stumbled from his old territory, hoping for survival and a new life.


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