The Tale of Bluu, The Snow wolf

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The Tale of Bluu, The Snow wolf Empty The Tale of Bluu, The Snow wolf

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This story combines real life troubles along with stories from roleplay that create a unique piece for Bluu.

The first days
Bluu was born on a very chilly evening in the month of February, very odd for wolves, and on the night of a full moon. She was the last pup out and her cold wet body trembled under the soothing licks of her mothers soft tongue. Her two sisters were already dry and sucking out the nourishing milk of their mothers teat. She was new, blind, and helpless, struggling for life, the tongue licking rougher against her miniature chest. After some time, and many licks, Bluu was still Ice cold, frost gathering on her wet downy fur. Her mother gave up and set her down at the back of the mothering den, thinking her as a still born. Bluu could feel the vibrations of her mothers thundering heart and the soft squeals of her sisters comforting and homelike.

Instinct pushed her towards the rumbling of her family, she wriggled her way to them, and at last she felt that warm tongue again, scooping her up, and laying her next to her bigger sisters. She knew what to do, she latched her tiny jaws onto one of the lumps her sister didn't take, and suckled. Bluu could hear her mother speaking to them, her voice like the winter wind, and very loud to Bluu's small ears. Her mother said Bluh-Oo towards her frequently and the pup knew this as her name.

Just as her mother had fed them and they were all ready for naps the world turned into an explosion of storm. Three shots of lightning seemed to invade there den and unusual louder gibberish rang around her head, everything jolted and tumbled away and Bluu was left on the floor, thunderous beating heart gone, and she could only hear her own whimpering. Something unnatural and bare grabbed her by her tiny back legs and yanked her from the ground. Her arms flailed and she cried out for her mothers warm body. Bluu was shoved headfirst into a tight space, and the light of the world that she couldn't yet see was closed off, she was being tossed back and forth in a rough manner whining continuously. What happened to her mother and sisters? Where is the milk? The warmth?

After a long while Bluu had fallen asleep. Just a small pup, days old, not able to keep her energy up without sleep, Bluu couldn't even see yet or live on her own. A sudden jolt awoke her from her nap and she was dumped out onto a smooth flat surface. Strange noises and beasts surrounded her. Touching her all over and sticking weird things in her. She felt limp in their strong grasp. She had stayed in a little crate like den, smooth and cold, a rough cloth spread beneath her and a dish filled with stinking water in the far back corner. Every once in a while a beast would come and unlock the bared gate-like structure and crudely shove a distasteful milk down her throat. It had been a few weeks since she had been there. When she first opened her eyes she saw her paws and gave a joyful squeak. That was her? Those little white paws. The den she was in was very shiny and she could see her reflection. This is what she saw as her world. The world of a human being, not the world of a wolf.

Young pup, from 4 months to her first year
She grew older here reaching the age of four months. There were other pups here like her and she learned how to speak, she learned stories, and wolf games. Once she was old enough she was able to go to an outside den. And eat meat. Now the age of six months, and she saw trees and grass for the first time. Sometimes pups would make fun of her, Bluu was strange, she had strange markings, and eyes. She was not like all the other wolf pups. She was always cold. The beasts treated her with extra kindness though and she recognized the scent of the one who took her away from her mother sometimes. He would talk to her and whistle. Bluu did not trust him. He would say something like this Come here, I saved you, don't be afraid But poor Bluu could not understand the wishy washy words that slurred from his lips. I saved you from the poachers, poor pup. She would hide from him and bare her teeth in defense. She thought he was the one who separated them.

Soon enough there was talk of release between all the pups. Some of the older tamer wolves could understand the humans words. A few of the pups would be released with older wolves and in a remote area, hopefully to increase the population in the region. And one a few days later Bluus crate was taken and put into one of the beasts moving creatures. Shiny like everything else the humans had. Bluu was released into an area in Canada. And had grown older and at the young age of one miraculously established her own pack, Incandescent Light, which failed in the end, Due to many young wolves without having any control or respect for Bluus leadership. She learned a few herbs and healing techniques from this pack failure and also about the spirits of her ancestors and had grown a strong faith of them. After many months of being a loner and starving, for one wolf cannot hunt large things, she stumbled upon a pack high in the mountains called the Nocturnal Glow pack. A large Dredge named Jayy, the Alpha, kindly let her stay for food and comfort. One day after staying for a few weeks she asked to join and she was assigned as the spiritual chief, or Wise One, to interpret the signs of Starpack and speak with the spirits of the past. She was perfect for this, and could translate signs with ease and she connected well with the spirits. She thanked Jayy and his mate Arcane. They were strong and wise leaders and she looked up to them.

At the age of 2, Teenager, Almost ready for a mate

Soon enough she hit the age of two years and had gained her health back at an astonishing rate.

After an avalanche Arcane had crushed his back legs, and with the strange absences of the Mage or Healer, Bluu had to help as much as she could. She carried a rabbit skin book of herbs and treatments with her; she made this herself shortly after her old pack failed and used it frequently in her new pack.

Bluu had abilities like no other wolf. These abilities developed as she grew older and now are fully developed at age two. She is cold blooded, and frosty, with snowflake patterns on her hips and glowing eyes. She had a dream, one of her ancestors came to her and told her she was unique and a rare breed, a Water Elemental wolf. She knew why she had these abilities, she knew why she could cross vast distances of churning water, she knew why her breath was always frosty, in all times of the year, she had the power of water.

Her new pack suits her well, they are kind and accept her differences completely, and she has made many friends and found Flerret, a sweet little Fennec, Who also has strange markings and colors. Bluu is complete. Her home is a cavern filled with glowing crystals. Bluu senses a strong power behind the gems and when her fur brushes them or she steps on one she can feel them pulsate and almost grab her with tiny invisible fingers, like they were trying to tell her something. She knows this cavern holds many secrets but she has yet to find out.

A great change, and hopes of love, two and a half years
Bluu has moved from the mountains and has migrated to a land called Terravore. A spirit owl contacted her through dreams and has told her to rule this place with her best friends. Bluu chose Roach, Flerret, Jayy, and Arkane and they traveled there together in a great journey. Along the way they met new friends who joined them and helped rule. Jayy and Arkane had found it a place that they were not meant to be in, so they left to continue to rule in Nocturnal Glow. Bluu has found that she has feelings for her best friend Roach, and she knows it would not work out, they both know this but keep it to themselves. He has become her best friend, They have considered mates but have not trusted in their feelings, not wanting to ruin their friendship, and failing to realize their love for each other being real, continuing to ignore their feelings. Bluu is still searching for the right one, she is settled in a permanent home and wishes to have pups. She misses the smell of the hills and mountains of Nocturnal Glow but she knows that she belongs here, where the owl sent her, and she does not know if she is still attached to Nocturnal Glow or if she has no pack, but a kingdom of some sort, full of loners and smaller packs. Here animals of all kinds roam, and she is not used to their ways, she only knows the wolf ways, but now it it time for change, Terravore is not a wolfs world.

Bluu and Roach have started to move past the stage on denying their love and have grown even more attached and have become mates. Bluu is finally happy and hopes to have pups soon. She loves Roach and now is able to totally come out to him about her feelings. She is very much in love and plans to stay that way.

Roach and Bluu have decided they need to get to know each other more and are not together. They are still best friends though and hope to be that way forever. They love each other very much still.

Bluu has happily moved on to find another mate Equiinox. A member of the leaders of Terravore. He is a kind and understanding wolf and very loving. But she did not feel for this wolf as much as she tried and soon decided it was time to let go of trying to find love. She was not ready and she knew many wolves did not mate until the age of three, so she would wait, until the perfect match came to her.

Finding Ponies
Bluu had helped find the ancient ponies that lived in Terravore. Discovered on the plains. This story would surly stand as a legend. Her friends and her would certainly be famous for finding these rare creatures, once considered extinct, and it would go down in the legend book.

Strange Omen

Bluu's vision:
Suddenly she shrank back, a warm gust of air blew her fur out of sorts and it was uncomfortable to her cold blooded body. She slinked back towards the tree's, her mind clouding, a vision forming. A pack of wolves was chasing her, jaws snapping at her tail, ripping chunks of fur out, and then a black cloud surrounded her and it was over. It was over, the she-wolf regained her sanity and was lying awkwardly in the bushes, her tongue lolling out, panting, her legs crossed beneath her. That was a bad omen. She decided she would not go back to the wolves by the tracks, her friends, she knew she could not be an Alpha anymore. Her eyes fixed themselves onto a tree branch, with an owl perched, quite oddly, because the snowy wolf could see the branches and leaves right behind the flyer. This was a spirit. It was Alia. The owl nodded once, raised her wings, and vanished. Bluu was left alone in the forest, dazed, and exhausted from the dreamy experience. Closing her eyes, she fell into sleep.

Her ranked had dropped suddenly with her absence and she stayed far from the pack for a long time. She was going through hard times. Constant visions had struck her and she felt like she was slowly slipping away from the world. This was the point in her life where she hit rock bottom. She could no longer take it. Alia appeared often and so did the visions of the shadowy wolves snapping at her heels. Bluu was very sick in her mind. She needed help.

More coming soon as Bluu's life continues


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