The Herd of Gilded Spirits - Currently Recruiting

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The Herd of Gilded Spirits - Currently Recruiting Empty The Herd of Gilded Spirits - Currently Recruiting

Post  InTheZone on Fri 21 Feb 2014, 3:03 pm

We are currently searching for new and wealthy members to join us on an exciting journey in Terravore / Lupinar. I am the SecondCommander (deputy) of this fantastic association; I have agreed with my leader to write a topic upon this brilliant herd.
Unfortunately, we only accept equines in the organization. No, we do not let 'gifted canines' guard us or anything - we are a literate and realistic herd. Our herd is very protective over everybody and we'd love to add another equine to that protective layer.
.: High Ranks :.

FrontCommander (Leader)
Lottii - female - Lottii
Storm - male - stormfighter

SecondCommander (Deputy)
Zone - male - Zone
Mystic - female - MysticWaters

FrontProtector (Lead Warrior)
Eternity - female - EternityMidnight

FrontSider (Back-up Lead Warrior)
Midnight - female - DarkCinderLight

FrontCarer (Lead Medic)
(will be chosen soon)

.: Other Ranks :.
Protector - warrior
Protector Trainee - warrior apprentice
Carer - medic
Carer Trainee - medic apprentice
Passing One - elder
Ruby - nursing / expecting mother
LittleStar - foal
Herd of the Stars - ceased member of the herd

I hope you enjoy this herd. If you'd like to join, message: Zone or stormfighter.

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