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Ancient Terravorian Ponies Empty Ancient Terravorian Ponies

Post  Guest on Tue 08 Jan 2013, 6:12 pm

A long long time ago way before Alia was born, a herd of ponies lived in a forgotten land, now the Kingdom of Terravore. They had strange feet with three toes and long tails, perfect for their habitat. They lived for many generations and even up until Alia was alive. The ponies were abundant in this land and even over thousands of years evolution was not needed, so these ponies stayed Ancient. But as their world started to fall apart they were lost, everything was lost and the world was turned into ash.

Recently a herd of these ponies was found on the Terravorian plains in a very remote area. As Terravore became more populated animals of all sorts started to habitat every area of the kingdom, and Soon word made it's way back to the King and Queen that Ancient Ponies had been found on the edges of the plains. Soon enough a patrol went out to look and track down these new (or should I say old) residents of Terravore. The King, Queen, and their loyal Pack-mates set out to find them, Journeying to the far reaches of the plains, and soon enough they did find these ponies. The Queen had a vision of Alia, speaking to her, and all of a sudden the Queen could communicate with the ponies. And she looked around and saw the King and her friends all had puzzled looks on their faces and she knew that they could communicate too. They could understand their language, watching the hoofs pawing and their heads nodding, a few sharp breaths here and there, they could understand it all, and after much discussion with them, the ponies became officially, a part of Terravore.



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