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Script: Therapy with Mr. Bob ~By Bluu Empty Script: Therapy with Mr. Bob ~By Bluu

Post  Guest on Sun 30 Dec 2012, 3:33 pm

Here is a script I wrote for a class I am taking in school, Creative writing. Feel free to print copies and act it out with friends. Just remember to give me the credit!
It is a really wild script and can be played as a skit. I hope it makes you guy's laugh!


Script assignment: Therapy with Mr. Bob by Wynter Truslow (Bluu)

Therapist Bob
Patient 1 (Molly)
Patient 2 (Jim)
Patient 3
Police man Joe

Medicine tubes


Setting: (Camera shows full bird’s eye view of the room of the therapist office)
Black and white blob pictures hang in black frames on the walls and a desk sits in the back facing the door. A clock hangs on the wall behind the desk. The walls are gray and a small TV stands in the corner of the desk facing towards Therapist Bob who is sitting in a nice leather swivel chair. Two other chairs sit opposite of him left for his patients to sit. Patient 1 knocks quietly.

Therapist Bob: Yes come in.

Patient 1: Walking in slowly and cautiously and signing in at the desk looking at the plague with Therapist Bobs name on it. He-hello Therapist Bob. I am here for my Paranoia appointment.

Therapist Bob: Oh yes. Please sit Molly. Molly sits down her eyes shifting around. Therapist Bob looks at her. Ah it looks like a serious case. But I have just the cure.
Fumbles through his desk drawer for a few seconds pulling out an orange bottle. Here take these. All of them. And you will be better in no time. Winks at Molly as she takes the medicine tube out of his hands and eats some of the “Medicine”, walking out of the room, and then screams out from the hall.


Therapist Bob: Talking quietly and in a mischievous way. Oh Molly I know. I know.

Patient 2: Barges in the door interrupting Therapists Bobs “Alone time” and is screaming wildly and flailing his arms all around. JIM! JIM HIM WHIM! JIM BUY FLIMS WITH GIMS!

Therapist Bob: Calmly stating. Oh yes. Another one who has witnessed the tortures of Doctor Seuss rhyming. I know none of it makes sense Jim but you gotta listen to me. Take these. Throws a bottle of medicine at Jim. It hits him in the head and he starts screaming more. Throwing the bottle at the TV. The bottle hits the power button and Spongebob is playing on the screen. Jim crawls on the ground towards the bottle, opening it and popping the “Medicine” into his mouth. A few seconds later Jim is sitting calmly in front of the TV watching Spongebob and Patrick sell chocolate to two old lady fish.

Spongebob: Hello Mam’s we are selling chocolate
Old lady fish 2: Chocolate, I remember when they first invented chocolate, I ALWAYS HATED IT!
Spongebob: Well this chocolate isn't for eating, it makes you live forever.
Old lady fish 2: Forever!
Old lady fish 1: No no no!

Suddenly patient three drops through the ceiling. Drywall comes down with him and he lands on all fours. Then he starts to crawl like an animal to the desk Bob sits at.

Patient 3: BOB. I know everything about you… Everything… Talks in a loud monstery voice, spit dripping from his lips.

Therapist Bob: Oh do you? Raises an eyebrow calmly

Patient 3: Your name is not Bob. I have known you for a very, very, long time, and nothing you say will get you away from the gray prison of my universe, you will come with me and wear my suit of sun like armor and be tortured by my-

Therapist Bob: Sir may I please say that I have no idea what you want, But I most certainly am not the person you are looking for. Hands patient 3 a medicine tube.

Patient 3: I will not take that! Smacks the tube out of Bobs hand, Bobs face starts to look nervous and he is trying not to focus on patient three’s face by looking at the blobs on the wall.

Therapist Bob: Get out please.

Patient 3: Reaches behind his head and pulls a hidden zipper, coming out of a body suit, when he is finished he is a tall cop armed with pepper spray and a gun.
Ok Billie. Is now talking in a strong sophisticated way. I need you to come here and put your hands behind your back. I’m Officer Joe by the way.

Therapist Bob: What! That is not my name! I assure you Officer! JIM, JIM, HELP ME OUT! YOU KNOW I WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING! Looks frantically over at Jim who is still watching Spongebob, walking over to Officer Joe and putting his hands behind his back.

Patient 2 (Jim): Sh it’s the good part. Ignores Therapist Bob and continues to stare at the TV.

Officer Joe: Handcuffs Therapist Bob. You have been arrested for the illegal distribution of a simulative drug.


Officer Joe: I am sorry but didn't you give people M&M’s in these here orange tubes prescribed to these here people?
Therapist Bob: Well yes? But M&M’s cure everything.

Officer Joe: Why yes they do. But this stimulant, Caffeine, is not allowed to be given out or sold, It is now an Illegal substance. It was on the news Bub. No more chocolate, coffee or monsters. That means you too Spongebob. Walks over to the TV and turns off the “chocolate” episode of Spongebob. Jim curls up in a ball on the floor and starts to weep quietly.

Therapist Bob: So I’m going to be arrested? How long will I be in jail?

Officer Joe: Oh yes they changed the penalty for selling caffeine. You now have just about how long it takes for a space ship to get to the Kepler belt. Let’s say.. forty-five years. Or was it 45 billion years.. Or seconds.. or minutes. Well all I know is that you won’t be coming out until your buried.

Therapist Bob: Collapses onto the ground. (Camera pans out and fades into black)



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