Attention users of Terravore (Room Idea's?)

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Attention users of Terravore (Room Idea's?)

Post  Guest on Fri 28 Dec 2012, 3:04 pm


New rooms will be made and so will new islands. But we need idea's. 4-5 new rooms will be made and they must be different from the rooms we already have. Please help with examples and Idea's of rooms. You can even help with the name! We will not use all of your ideas but we will certainly get an idea of what to put on the map.


We will have two new islands*:

Singles Isle (A place to find a mate. Isn't this a great idea for all you lonely people out there?)

Kinder Isle (For the younger percent of users on Terravore. This is a safe friendly place for kids under 13)

*Think of rooms that will go with these islands


You may suggest other rooms also. We may use your ideas for other places on the map! Thank you for your suggestions!


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