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Post  Coffeeh on Sat 08 Feb 2014, 7:47 pm

The Coffah-Java Clan Cjcbanner
Welcome to our homepage. :3 A Terrravore Clan.

What is Coffah-Java Clan [CJC]?
This clan is for all those that love that warm, delicious, caffeine driven drink. Doesn't matter if you like a regular mug-o-joe or the fancier twist of a cappuccino. Hot or cold. However you like it, if you have to have that mug in your hand to start your day, this is the clan for you. So raise your mugs and show your love by joining us!

.::Rules & Regulations::.

1] Must love coffee, java, joe, cappuccino, frappaccino, ect.
2] Must be respectful.
3] Must follow all rules. Including Terravore and Chatlands rules.
4] Has to be on Terravore at least twice a week.
5] Need to always be friendly and helpful.
6] Finally, have fun! :3

Breaking of any of these rules, will have you removed from the clan. If necessary, depending on reasoning, can also have you reported to staff. The CJC does not tolerate rule-breakers of any sort. Rule number four(4) is needed so that tabs can be kept on who is still apart of the clan.

Please add this to your sniff if you are a member of CJC.

The Coffah-Java Clan Cjcthmb
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.::Members List::.
All names listed are Chat names only.

Alpha Pair
Female: Coffeeh
Male: HakuKage

Beta Pair
Male: Inuchan

Coffee Officers

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