Rain, Rain Lightening (A poem)

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Rain, Rain Lightening (A poem) Empty Rain, Rain Lightening (A poem)

Post  Guest on Tue 15 Jan 2013, 8:31 pm

This poem was an assignment for creative writing. I had to use a nursery rhyme and go in depth and make it a totally different poem. Here is mine.

Rain, Rain, Lightning
Rain, Rain
hissing in my ears
I crawl to my cave
curled up on the ground
frosty from winter streams

Muttering to you
"come again another day"
and you do just that
rumbling sky pours in
soaking me with cursing cackles
wind rushing past
"Little Johnny wants to play!"

Like an animal
I stalk out of darkness
at black clouds above
my voice sundered
by booms
of the torrent storm

"Rain! Rain!"
I shout
"Go Aww..."

after the flash
air calmed
"Never show your face again"


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