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Post  Guest on Thu 10 Jan 2013, 11:01 pm

[10:09:25 PM] Kitten: Roach we have a problem
[10:09:38 PM] Aaron Munson: Oh?
[10:09:40 PM] Kitten: Mhmm
[10:09:44 PM] Kitten: I whispered Tangles saying like
[10:09:46 PM] Aaron Munson: What problem?
[10:09:48 PM] Kitten: You and Meph are sexy
[10:09:50 PM] Kitten: and my internet died
[10:09:52 PM] Aaron Munson: Lmao.
[10:09:53 PM] Kitten: :I somethings wrong there
[10:09:53 PM] Aaron Munson: xD
[10:09:59 PM] Aaron Munson: It was our hotness.


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