Wasn't paying attention..

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Wasn't paying attention..

Post  Guest on Thu 10 Jan 2013, 9:56 pm

[9:05pm] Roach: Macska says, "Finger lickin' good."
[9:05pm] Roach: >____>\
[9:05pm] Tuisku: .____.
[9:05pm] Macska: WAH
[9:05pm] Tangles: lmfaoo
[9:05pm] Macska: o3o
[9:05pm] TheCluelessAlchemist: lmao
[9:05pm] Tuisku: hm
[9:05pm] milanno03: lol
[9:05pm] Tuisku: I can't
[9:05pm] Macska: Oh com'on I wasn't paying attention ;`;

The pose I was in:


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